It’s all about

It’s all about…

the first person you are thinking of when you wake up

the first person you are communicating with first

the person who is accompanying you the whole day no matter where you are

the first person you are telling good or bad news

the person who is laughing AND crying with you

the one person you are confiding in everything

the person you’ll miss the most when you can’t be together

the last person at the end of a day you are communicating with

the last person you are thinking of before you sleep

the person you are dreaming of

It’s all about… LOVE ❤️

Ziemlich altmodisch und hoffnungslos romantisch, oder?

8 Replies to “It’s all about”

  1. Deine Zeilen sind nicht altmodisch, genauso wie die Liebe nie altmodisch werden wird und hoffnungslos romantisch ist doch schön….mir gefällt’s.

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